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What you get Take the tour

Custom App

Pick your own custom logos, colors, fonts and much more

3-in-1 iOS Bundle

A native app that works on all iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices

Revenue Potential

Choose from 3 simple ways to make money (we don’t take a cut of your revenue)

App Submission

We handle the entire App Store submission process and let you know when your app is live


Free support and ongoing upgrades

Popular FAQ’s See All FAQ’s

Do I need to be a techie to create my app?

No! All you need to do is install the MoPublication WordPress or Drupal plugin and follow the simple steps.

How often can I publish new content?

You can publish new content to your app as often as you like through WordPress or Drupal.

How long does submission take?

Your app should be available in the App Store within 5-10 working days after making payment.

Do you provide free customer support?

Yes. There is a FAQs section as well as a form which you can use to contact our support desk.

I’m ready to create my app – what’s next?

Start your free 30-day trial. It’s on us! 30-day unlimited free trial. No credit card required.

You can preview your app before deciding to checkout through the live demo screen in the WordPress or Drupal plugin!

Still have questions?

We also offer a turnkey service for customers who want us to do the plugin installation and app configuration for them. You also get exclusive access to new features and priority support with this option. Please Contact us if you would like to find out more.

* Offer valid for first 12 months after purchase (thereafter standard fee applies)